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The Superfood – 5 health benefits of honey

Jars of various kinds of honey - hoopoe on a hill

Honey has been on my kitchen shelf for as long as I can remember. When I was little, we
had jars of fresh honey stored next to pickles and jams. After playing with my friends in the
neighbourhood alleys, I often returned home like a warrior – with scraped knees and elbows.
On such days, my grandmother brought some cotton dipped in honey and dabbed it on my wounds.
Soon after, in spite of her forbidding threats, I was out and about, all over again.

Honey has been part of Indian homes for centuries. Apart from being an important
ingredient in traditional home remedies across the country, honey has been used in
Ayurvedic medicine for at least 4,000 years. It is considered to bring balance between the
body’s Doshas – Vaata (air), Pita (fire) and Kapha (water).

Here are five reasons why you should have honey on your kitchen shelf-

Energy Booster

Honey has been part of Indian homes for centuries. The glucose in honey is absorbed
by the body quickly making it a healthy addition to your daily diet.
Eating a spoonful of honey before or after a workout, when you are feeling weak or simply
as a snack between meals will help you revitalize yourself.

Wound Healer

Honey has been traditionally used to treat wounds, burns and ulcers. Unlike modern
antiseptic creams, which tend to burn when applied, honey soothes the wound.
It helps to regenerate tissues and prevent scars. It maintains a moist wound environment
that also promotes healing. Its high viscosity helps to create a protective barrier to prevent

Immunity Booster

It is an excellent antioxidant and has antibacterial properties that help improve the digestive system, increase metabolism and boost immunity. Today, honey is considered a ‘superfood’.
Drinking a spoonful of honey and lemon juice with warm water each morning gives your
body a great start.

Cough Reliever

Honey is a natural and harm-free remedy for a persistent cough or a sore throat. Honey not
only soothes the throat but also kills certain bacteria which cause infection.
Professional singers commonly use honey to soothe their throats just before or
immediately after a performance. For all bathroom singers out there, honey is here to help
us too!

Sleep Inducer

Honey clears the palette. Mixed with warm water it can have a relaxing and calming effect
on the mind and body. To make it most effective, make sure the honey is pure and
raw. Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes not present in pasteurized or
refined honey.

Honey is nature’s way of telling you, ‘I’ve got your back’.