Regarding Honey

1.What is raw honey?

Raw honey is a term used to describe honey that is harvested from hives in the forest. Our honey is not harvested from cultivated bee boxes. The term ‘raw’ also indicates that it is unpasteurised.

2. Is raw honey more nutritious than processed honey?

Raw honey retains bits of pollen which are considered highly nutritious. Also, pasteurizing honey destroys its good properties. Hence raw, unpasteurized honey is considered more nutritious.

3. Does honey get spoiled?

Raw honey contains bits of pollen which tend to form a residue layer on top if left untouched for long periods of time. However, this does not mean that the honey has gone bad. Simply stirring the pollen will make it dissolve into the honey and ready for consumption.

4. My honey has become solid (crystallized). Is it still good?

Crystallisation occurs due to the glucose content in honey. Simply placing the jar in sunlight or warm water will bring it back to its liquid state.

5.How should I store my honey?

Storing honey in a cool dry place is ideal.

Regarding our eCommerce Website

1. Why are some varieties of honey unavailable?
Our honey is harvested in small quantities in different seasons. This is why we have limited stock of certain kinds of honey that available only during certain months of the year. Feel free to write to us, if you find that your chosen variety is unavailable. We will inform you when we receive a fresh batch.

2. What are the payment options I can use while checking out?
We use Instamojo as our payment gateway. Instamojoaccepts credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, and has net-banking tie-ups with the following banks:
Axis Bank
Bank of Maharashtra
Central Bank of India
City Union Bank
Corporation Bank
Deutsche Bank
Federal Bank
Indian Bank
Indian Overseas Bank
Karnataka Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Punjab National Bank
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of India
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Patiala
State Bank of Travancore
Union Bank of India
United Bank of India
Vijaya Bank
We do not presently offer the Cash On Delivery (COD) option as a method of payment.

3. What shipping service do you use?
We use DTDC or Blue Dart for shipping out orders. You will receive an email when your order is completed. This email will also contain a tracking number. You can enter this number on the DTDC/blue dart website to track your order.

3. When will I receive my order?
We ship all our orders within 4 business days of receiving them. Depending on how far you are from our packing unit in Kodaikanal, it could take another 1-5 days for you to receive your order. Please contact us if your order is delayed beyond then.

4. What happens if I receive a broken/damaged product?
We will replace your order. Please take a photograph of the product in the state you received it in and send it to us by email. We will get in touch with you immediately.

If you have any further queries, email us at hoopoeonahill@gmail.com. We will get in touch with you